Fiyahdred - Anyway EP

  • New-school UK funky dripping with swagger and groove.
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  • The UK artist better known as Fiyahdred began making music on FruityLoops aged ten, so it makes sense that they're already reinventing themselves by 25. FKA Bamz, the South Londoner debuts on Hyperdub with one of the label's most exciting releases in some time. Mixing classic UK funky with the melodrama of Afro house and the thrust of gqom, Anyway plots a direct throughline to past Hyperdub artists like Ill Blu, Funkystepz and Scratcha DVA—who helped connect Fiyahdred with the label—and brings that sound roaring into 2021, with a mix of brutal bassweight and lithe, sinuous melody. The tune that got Fiyahdred signed to Hyperdub was "Anyway (Do It)," which is a hit. There's the straightforward, dubby chord progression that radiates out from the center. The coughing sort of grunt that reverberates on the sides of the stereo spectrum. And the addictive, casually defiant vocal hook about Fiyahdred's love for weed. The only thing better than their deadpan delivery is the bonkers rhythm section underneath. The music on Anyway feels deeper, slower and more layered than their previous work as Bamz. Take "Da Mellowdee," with its breathy grunts, eerie chime melody and loose drum programming. There's a dizzying amount going on, as if Fiyahdred tried to squeeze every last drop of funk into every last bar. "Flutey Loopz" looks back to older UK funky with its woodwind hook and volcanic eruption of a bassline, while "Tumpin" has the clearest influence from Afro house, built around an amapiano-style lead line and harmonized vocals that are sweet and smooth compared to the smokier sounds of "Anyway (Do It)." It's in this effortless synthesis that the genius of Fiyahdred really comes alive: few artists connect musical worlds as easily or intuitively. These four tracks (plus one dub version) bottle the sound of London's bustling, diverse club scene into a bright and memorable flash of a record.
  • Tracklist
      01. Da Mellowdee 02. Anyway (Do It) 03. Flutey Loopz 04. Tumpin' 05, Anyway (Do It) [Dub]