Fort Romeau - Spotlights

  • One word: bassline.
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  • Fort Romeau's new album has some lofty aspirations—he mentions a "a radical class politics"—but its lead single is no-nonsense house. It begins with a fake-out of mallet percussion and other sound effects, a bit like an '80s Japanese ambient record, before it snaps into place with one of his best-ever basslines: not quite walking, not quite jogging, just effortlessly funky. A deadpan vocal repeats the title phrase with a hint of '90s New York flamboyance, before a brief breakdown (back to those oddball sounds) and then a fake-out of an ending that should dazzle any dance floor if the DJ's willing to play it all the way through. "Spotlights" is a promising taste of the new LP, capitalizing on what Fort Romeau does best with a tantalizing glimpse of weirdness.