Myagi - Dirty Girls

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  • Canadian breakbeat producer Myagi has been making quite a name for himself lately with releases on West, Splank and Pure Phunk (as Sole Claw) and has found his Smartbomb tune included on the Plump DJ's Saturday Night Lotion album. Following up his earlier release, Make It Loud, on upstart label Moneyshot Recordings, Myagi returns with a dancefloor number for the Dirty Girls. Side A. Original Mix On a heavy 4 to the floor tip, Dirty Girls is a pumping tech-funker with a subtle intro loaded with electro female vox. A driving bassline kicks in accompanied by an electro synth hook - you'd be forgiven for thinking this isn't breakbeat with the exception of an off-beat kick drum that adds a touch of bottom end. Myagi plays around wth a lot of vocal effects and various synth lines but what really gets etched into your head are the "dirty girls, dirty, filthy girls" vocals that get played throughout. Side B. Atomic Hooligan Remix On the vinyl sampler of their debut album, You Are Here, Atomic Hooligan added a bonus tune - The Girl Is Filth - which featured a reverend's voice preaching on top of a wicked breakbeat about "how the DJ directs us to a better place"... uhhh nothing about how filthy the girl is though. They make up for that by doing this remix and here they take the bassline and give it a fatter sound, making it sound rounder in the process. The beats switch between breakbeat and 4 to the floor while keeping the awesome vocal samples intact. In continuing with the Hooligan's rock trend, the breakdown in the middle features a funky bass riff solo accompanied by a thumping kick drum - enough to get hands waving. Moneyshot has been pulling out quality releases since their first release and this one is no different - pure dancefloor quality.