Goodnight - Tangent

  • Gently psychedelic, downtempo house for dreamers.
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  • There's something about "Tangent" from the siblng duo Goodnight that feels familiar and nourishing. Maybe it's the way it ambles forward, propulsive yet gentle. Or how the gently squelchy lead comes out in coughs and sputters, hinting at a hook without fully sketching one out. Add in those ornate pads and it has the dreamy, gauzy feel of some of the best crossover dance music of the last ten years—think John Talabot or Teengirl Fantasy. And once Stephanie Shiu's vocals float into earshot, it becomes something of an airy lullaby, the gentle rhythm spurring you on even as it makes your eyelids heavy. Pitched between pop, house and downtempo, "Tangent" is the kind of track that leaves a pleasant feeling in its wake, like a waft of sweetly perfumed air.