Pier Bucci – Familia

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  • Following in the fine footsteps of Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano as Chilean artists to make their mark on the Electronic music scene, Pier Bucci unleashes an album full of quality that should hopefully make people stand and take notice of this talent. Familia is the album and it features 10 nicely crafted productions from the man who grew up in Chilli but now calls Berlin his home. The album starts off delightfully with the soothing melodies and deep basslines of ‘Tita’. ‘Towers’ is another superb production, full of smooth bass tones, warm pads and crisp beats. ‘The R-8 Mooger’ is quite a moody track while ‘L'Nuit’ is a little tougher with its gritty basslines and twisted percussion. ‘Jesss’ bounces along nicely in a minimal fashion while ‘Hay Consuelo’ turns up the pace a notch with some smooth deep sounds creating a tasty production on the whole. There is a German touch in the retro electric sounds of ‘Cosmic’, a contrast to the smooth pads and flow of ‘Siberian’. There are some delightful melodies on the penultimate track that is ‘Pipostrack’, and there is a nice upbeat feel about the final track, ‘Hydra’, which closes the album off with some nice hi hats, an eerie bassline and some quirky synth sounds. I must say that this is quite a solid effort by Pier Bucci. The opening two tracks in particular as well as the sinister L’Nuit are highlights of what this man is capable of, as this album showcases the varying sounds Pier is capable of. If you like your sounds a bit techier then usual then this album is definitely worth a look.