Montparnasse Musique - Bitumba feat. Mbongwana Star

  • Uplifting Congotronics.
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  • War isn't always guns and violence; sometimes it's the personal struggle we endure in life. Montparnasse Musique's "Bitumba" (which means war in Lingala) is a rallying cry to live a life without limitation. Written by Cubain Kabeya of Mbongwana Star, the track is described as "a universal mantra." You don't have to understand the lyrics to be energised and uplifted by its traditional pulse and goosebump-conjuring chants. Montparnasse Musique, AKA Algerian-French producer Ben Bella and South African DJ Manyelo, have crafted an anthemic gem, the kind of music you'd want to hear right before attempting something great.