Nick León - Rompediscoteka

  • Retrofuturist reggaeton from a rising Miami producer.
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  • Nick León's new EP of perreo-inspired club music is meant to hark back to those heady days when you first discovered your favourite kind of music—in this case, when you first heard reggaeton and was seduced by its swaying beat. For a certain kind of club kid, though, you could turn that on its head: Rompediscoteka, and especially its title track, remind me of first hearing acts like Nguzunguzu and the way they combined dancehall and dembow rhythms with futuristic synth work that touched on everything from dubstep to video game music. This EP is another work in this grand tradition, full of appetizing sonic detail—those warping synths, the cloud of quivering sub-bass that lingers underneath the kicks, the way everything feels shiny and metallic—that sets León apart from the pack as one of the most exciting producers in a busy Miami scene reworking all sorts of regional sounds into gleaming club constructions.