Deekapz - Poly

  • This illuminating EP sees the Brazilian duo combining their baile funk past with their house present.
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  • The title of Deekapz's newest EP, Poly, is a double entendre. It refers to both polyrhythms and Polly Pocket, a '90s toy known for its customizable nature. As we see on the EP's cute, pixel-art cover, you could dress the toy in any number of outfits, which reflects the chameleonic nature of the Brazilian duo's work. Once bedroom producers just having fun on SoundCloud, Deekapz have grown into go-to names for radio platforms like Soulection, or Brazilian pop acts looking for new sounds. Now they're back doing what they do best: playing around with energetic baile funk beats and internet-based hip-hop micro scenes, from phonk to R&B drill, stitching them up with chunky basslines and shining synth chords. They put on different sounds like a change of clothes. "Barulhinho" most directly references the duo's origins. It melds the Jersey Club bed-squeak with a baile funk beatbox sample, and also features lines from Sango's "Me Dê Amor"—a staple for the chill baile scene that laid the ground for Deekapz themselves in the mid-2010s. On "Croma," the percussion and piano swap roles, with an outro featuring bassy kick drums and sneaky arpeggios (perfect for a clever transition in a DJ set). "Pan" mirrors this structure, where the vocals and baile funk samples are filtered out little by little over the course of the track. "Ponto Global," which arrives in two parts, blends Deekapz's old-time influences and their recent dalliances with classic house music as seen on the duo's last EP, Ensaio Sobre Você. In the first section, the duo touch on early baile funk sounds with crisp sequencers, before switching over to a vibrant, layered house track cut through with a bit of Lil Jon crunk. It's the best example of Deekapz's truly multicultural, era-crossing sound, a Brazilian take on global dance music that proves irresistible no matter where you're from.
  • Tracklist
      01. Croma 02. Pan 03. Ponto Global 04. Ponto Global (Part 2) 05. Barulhinho