Huey Mnemonic - Groove Thang (P. J. Swerve Mix)

  • An expert edit of a '90s gem.
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  • Making a great club edit seems simple on paper, but the reality is more tricky. It requires just a few changes and, most importantly, an instinct for the dance floor. It's all about being able to hear between the beats for something that isn't there yet, which is why the brightest masters of the craft are often DJs. Huey Mnemonic demonstrates this exact instinct on his edit of Zhané's R&B jam "Groove Thang" from 1994. ​​The Detroiter is smart enough not to try rivalling the original on its own low-slung, sensuous terms, instead turning the classic chant into a pitch-perfect singalong house tune. Hell, were it not for the instantly recognizable vocal, I'd pat myself on the back for unearthing a forgotten masterpiece. All it took was a bouncing organ, some bumping beats and a one-of-a-kind ear for the dance floor. This is how you flip a stone-cold classic.