Disclosure - Observer Effect

  • Disclosure get raw and funky on this exclusive cut from their upcoming DJ-Kicks mix.
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  • The infectious bounce of "Observer Effect" is testament to how the legendary DJ-Kicks series can bring the best out of already exceptional artists. Disclosure have described the track as a companion to last year's album, ENERGY. Though it shares the LP's beat-driven traits—("where we're at now is clubby," the duo say)—"Observer Effect" is more abrasive and skeletal, especially in the first half. After a near-silent breakdown, the second half opens up the filter on a saw bass until it sounds like a helicopter propeller, eventually crash-landing in a stew of water droplet samples and hissing open-hats. A refreshing twist from their other work, it shows that the brothers are still in touch with their roots and know how to adapt to their audiences on the fly.