Ayesha - Potential Energy

  • The Brooklyn artist explores "body over mind music" through ultra-heavy yet nimble breakbeat techno.
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  • Ayesha's latest for Scuffed Recordings, Potential Energy, follows her stellar split EP with Ma Sha Ru on Kindergarten Records. She describes her style as "body over mind music," an idea that really comes through on the new record. Potential Energy is a bold exclamation of what the emerging artist seems to be aiming for: nimble breakbeat techno brimming with power and purpose, where the physical feel of the music is as important as the sound. Maximalist and fast, the EP consists of four no-holds-barred rave cuts. Zany synth wobbles, gritty static and laser-fast percussion make for an intensely textured sound. The occasional vocoder lends Potential Energy a retro electro feel, though it isn't quite either of those things. Sometimes the EP leans leftfield techno, sometimes it leans trance—"Ecstatic Descent" is filled with fluttering chimes that add a sprinkle of euphoria to an otherwise chunky breakbeat banger. "We Be Bubblin" is a beast of a track fueled by sharp rhythms and aquatic modular synth sounds. The most balanced and spacious track is probably "Dark Matter," a skippy techno cut whose relentless arpeggiated synth could properly hypnotize a crowd. Though they're energetic and tough, these dance floor scorchers are best saved for post-peak time, just as the wave is cresting. In only a few short releases, Ayesha has created a style of techno that's playful, distinctive and undeniably powerful, carving out a promising niche for herself in Brooklyn's bustling club scene.
  • Tracklist
      01. Potential Energy 02. Ecstatic Descent 03. We Be Bubblin 04. Dark Matter