Posthuman - Pleasure Machine

  • Retro acid with a few tricks up its sleeve.
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  • Do you really need an acid track that spells out the word "acid" in a robot voice in 2021? Well, I'm here to you tell you that you do. On "Pleasure Machine," Posthuman revels in all the clichés, but he's astute enough to know how to pull you in on the joke and do it well. None of that would matter if the track wasn't so crisp, the arrangement so unique. Posthuman lets the rhythm section out in fits and spurts, so each element gets its own millisecond of negative space to stake its claim—like how the stuttering bassline pulls the track to a silent halt every single time. It's an addictive cut that marries overly familiar elements with creative arrangements, the kind of pastiche we could all use more of.