On Our Own Clock - Ngikhethile

  • Nosisi Ngakane's powerful vocals break through on this track exploring musical togetherness between Dakar, Johannesburg and London.
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  • "Ngikhethile" means "I have chosen" in isiZulu, a Southern Bantu language spoken in South Africa. It's also the title of one of the songs in a collaborative release between Mushroom Hour Half Hour and Total Refreshment Centre Recordings. The album, On Our Own Clock, sees musicians from South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal and London's diaspora exploring South African jazz, traditional Senegalese sounds and more. Nosisi Ngakane leads on "Ngikhethile" with her vigorous vocals, elevating the jazzy fusion of a breathy tuba and sax, subtle shakers and deep-toned synthesizer that builds to a slow crescendo. These elements clearly get across the song's message: staying optimistic during pressing times and encouraging others to do the same.