Slikback x Tzusing - Jahad

  • Published
    23 Sep 2021
  • Label
  • Released
    September 2021
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  • An enviable meeting of club music minds.
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  • Slikback's new collaborative album, MELT, boasts team-ups with the likes of Brodinski, Ziúr and Objekt. But it's the collaboration with Tzusing that towers over the rest. (Okay, the extreme metal fusion of the Teya Logos track comes close.) Slikback and Tzusing seem like a natural pair: both make unclassifiable club music that feels both nimble and tonnes-heavy, and both play with the rough and distorted textures of noise and metal. "Jahad" is plenty hard, but it's also unusually seductive, thanks to the reedy melody that unwinds over the heaving drums. The devil's in the detail here: the way "Jahad" slips into a gqom stomp towards the end is jaw-dropping and sneaky, the kind of track that changes the way you move your feet before you even realize it's happening.