Laurent Garnier - How D'Ya Like Your Beef

  • One of the rawest, weirdest, most seductive techno tracks of 2021.
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  • Earlier this month, Laurent Garnier and Scan X revealed that they were the minds behind Cod3 QR, a French label with a steady trickle of rock-solid techno records. I'd wager the bigger news, however, is the Garnier bomb on the A-side of the outlet's tenth release. The lengthy lo-fi techno jam sounds so classic and timeless that it's tempting to imagine it was rescued from some '90s cutting room floor. (I mean that in the best way.) "How D'Ya Like Your Beef" is half Green Velvet paranoia and half Detroit sci-fi, with the loose, almost hand-played touch that defines Garnier's best records. A slippery snare-hat pattern tumbles its way through a gauntlet of effects and weird squelchy sounds, until the eerie strings and overdriven FM synths come in, a little evil and a little sexy. You can hear what sounds like tape hiss on the drums, adding to the track's arcane feel. It's ten minutes of barebones yet adventurous techno that makes every single drum sound count. Here's a bona fide legend at the top of his game once again.