Kush Jones - Rugrats / Basic Bass

  • Typically diverse sounds from the New York artist, backed by excellent remixes from Anz, DJ Manny and DJ Noir.
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  • Aside from a distinctive soulfulness that pays homage to the classic R&B and soul he grew up with in the Bronx, Kush Jones's repertoire is also loved for its endless diversity. The Juke Bounce Werk member is at home producing footwork, but his expansive catalog also bangs the New York way, meaning it isn't tethered to any one genre. "It really just comes from listening to a lot of stuff," he once explained in an interview on DJ Shannon's Club Management podcast. "Just a lot of good music and developing a taste... There's so much music out there." His latest EP, Rugrats / Basic Bass, is a prime example of his vast scope. "Rugrats" is a club track of mixed breed. The stammering hi-hats of footwork are present, but the measured beat, glimmering melody and scattered amen breaks make it more akin to an East Coast club track. "Basic Bass" is lush drum & bass, made up of billowing chords, a subtle, smooth bassline and a syrupy female vocal reminiscent of early 4hero. On the remixes, Jones's friends and close peers show up with their signature sounds. Anz transforms the jaunty "Rugrats" into a nearly unrecognizable track that's dark, serious and saturated with sub-bass. DJ Manny draws on the same track's footwork influences to hand in a rollicking cut fit for battle. Another key member of the Juke Bounce Werk crew, DJ Noir, enhances the drama of "Basic Bass" with driving breaks that hiccup, reverse and at times disappear altogether. A distant, oscillating chord signals the record's close, a peaceful end to an action-filled journey. The original tracks on Rugrats / Basic Bass are further proof that Jones is at the top of his game. The remixes confirm that he's also in great company.
  • Tracklist
      01. Rugrats 02. Basic Bass 03. Rugrats (Anz Childish Remix) 04. Rugrats (DJ Manny Remix) 05. Basic Bass (DJ Noir Remix)