Cormac - Heartcore

  • Spiky disco with an anthemic hook.
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  • Released as part of Cormac's Essential Mix, you can tell that "Heartcore" is meant to be a big statement. Inspired as much by his love for hi-NRG and disco as it his time spent at formative London parties like Trade and Bugged Out, "Heartcore" is post-disco with a jolt of EBM. The raygun synth sounds and ropey basslines are pitch-perfect, the kind of thing just begging for a trippy dub mix. That's not to discount Cormac's vocals, half vocoded, half shouted: "Fuck me like you hate me / Hold me when I cry / Tonight we might die." It's all a bit over the top, but that's the point—the disco tracks you remember are usually the wackiest ones, and Cormac's feels like a worthy addition to a long-running canon.