Hypna - Nylon Hood

  • A grip of joyfully destructive club tracks from the Brussels-based producer.
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  • Brussels-based artist Hypna has made his name with productions that effortlessly weave between modern club and old-school grime. Nylon Hood, his latest, self-released EP, features five tracks that sound like they're designed to physically overwhelm. Both the opening title track and the banging follow-up, "DRM//BLL," begin with pressure-cooker ambient intros that set us up for syncopated, industrial-strength drops. Many of the tracks align around simple patterns, with chaotic elements slowly seeping in. Like the array of metallic samples on "Beam Reflector," which takes the "katana sword" experimental club trope to a new level, with jacking drums and a Jam City-style stab entering the dizzying yet precise fray later in the track. The remixes round off the EP with even more left turns. Blacksea Não Maya flip "DRM//BLL" into kuduro, while Phrixus's’ take on "Beam Reflector" crosses over into sound-design territory. Hypna has developed a knack for wringing megaton energy out of well-trodden building blocks. Nylon Hood keeps this momentum going.
  • Tracklist
      01. Nylon Hood 02. DRM//BLL 03. Beam Reflector 04. DRM/BLL (Blacksea Não Maya Remix) 05. Beam Reflector (Phrixus Remix)