De Mthuda, Njelic, Kwiish SA, Malumnator - LiYoshona (Shimza Remix)

  • An amapiano smash gets a worthy Afrotech remix.
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  • "LiYoshona" is one of the biggest amapiano tracks in South Africa, made by some of the most respected producers the scene has on offer: De Mthuda, Njelic, Kwiish SA and Malumnator. They entrust their soulful staple to producer and DJ Shimza for an Afrotech remix that is exciting even to contemplate. While South Africa's house music scenes enjoy an injection of attention from across the world, these producers immortalise the groove with a volley of flavourful keyboards and choruses between the two equally thrilling versions. In keeping with the original track's desperate, melancholic vocals (with the title roughly translating to "it will die"), Shimza builds on the sense of foreboding "LiYoshona" carries, invoking new life in a much darker incarnation of love gone awry.