This is Everybody! On Tour mixed by Sander Kleinenberg & Lee Burridge

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  • Lee Burridge & Sander Kleinenberg have been two pretty top class DJ's in the last few years, spreading their gospel individually pretty much everywhere around the world. This time, the two DJ's combine for the This Is Everybody! On Tour album, and the result are two pretty upbeat mixes that gives a taste of the madness these two DJ's are capable of. For me it is the first disc, mixed by Lee Burridge, that is the stronger of the two. It begins brilliantly with the tasty Sacha Funke mix of Ada’s ‘Livedriver’ and then smoothly blends into the intricate tribal beats and bouncy basslines of ‘Easy Ride’ by Tresca. The disc takes a pretty crisp and techy course early on with tracks by Riton vs Howdi, Dinky & Must all keeping the flow running in a smooth and intricate fashion. The gritty basslines and strong drums of Dum Dum then kick the mix into another notch of life while DB and Tim Paris combine to deliver a twisted yet funky and melodic moment with ‘Future Now’. Dirk Technic puts you in a trance with the brilliant ‘I Love You’ while the sounds of ‘Esplanade '97’ take you back to retro town. ‘The Dude’ by Afrilounge is another superb moment as the disc heads to its conclusion provided by the very funky and seductive ‘2 Bullets’ by Michicoan. It rounds off a superb disc that sums up the very addictive sounds that Lee is capable of. Sander’s disc on the whole is a little grittier then Lee’s, despite the downbeat start to the album provided by Pony. Chris Lake ups the pace early with some subtle melodies and dirty basslines in ‘Until She Rises’ and the intensity doesn’t let up with Lower Eastside getting dirty in ‘Swordfight’. Bodyrox provide some nice work with the peak time sounds of ‘Yeah Yeah’ while West London Deep add yet another quality production to their repertoire with ‘Dark Matter’. ‘Bounce Back’ & ‘Mr. Roboto’ lift the pace of the disc even further, not necessarily in a great way as the productions aren’t that inspiring. Serge Santiago gets the train back on the track with a tasty piece of music in ‘Atto D'amore’ while Robert Babicz closes things off superbly with the very brilliant melodic and driving synth stabs of ‘Look’. It closes off a disc that is quite hit and miss in periods as occasionally poor tracks disrupt credibility of the mix. If you are looking for a pretty good package that gets straight to the point then this may be the answer. Due to the fact that Lee and Sander only have a disc to work their magic, they don’t leave any petrol in the tank as they deliver some pretty solid peak time moments, resulting in an album that is quite energetic compared to other recent releases.