Phost - Swallowed By A Snake

  • Disorienting, unsettling techno for freaking out dance floors.
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  • "Swallowed By A Snake" from Vancouver's Phost, AKA ZDBT, doesn't start out all that strange. Sure, the main melodic lead—a simple blip—kind of lags behind everything else, but it's not that unusual. Groove along for a bit and then a house-inspired hat-snare pattern comes in, throwing everything off its axis. It's like listening to a techno track stuck leaning at a 45 degree angle. The melodies expand into sinuous, strange things, exotic and vaguely psychedelic—like a bad trip that you can still enjoy, appreciating it for all its weirdness and abrasiveness. All of this unspools over nine minutes, only getting stranger, the kind of tune you'd want to play out in almost full to really creep out a dance floor.