Huerta - Raker's Dozen

  • Contemporary tech house with a West Coast flavor.
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  • While tech house is often taken as synonymous with London (or, with less glowing associations, Ibiza superclubs), West Coast DJs like Hipp-E and Halo were pushing the sound throughout the '90s and early aughts (the duo even mixed fabric 07 back in the day). California-born Steve Huerta carries that torch on the second release of his own label Leizure. All four tracks have lean basslines, crunchy drums, and rapidfire high-end jabs, but "Raker's Dozen" is my pick. The occasional sigh of pads reference the languid deep house Huerta perfected on last year's LP, while the higher BPM takes aim at peak time. It's a top-notch release and another excellent submission to the current tech house revival.