Zvrra - Array Of Light 02

  • Evocative and atmospheric techno from an underrated American producer.
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  • Where so much big-room techno can sound cold and metallic, Zvrra's take on her new album Array Of Light feels earthy, if not quite warm—it has the cool air of a hidden-away cave, where sounds reverberate and feel hushed and muffled at the same time. This four-minute excerpt does a lot with just a few big elements: a rigid, hissing hi-hat pattern, extremely huge kick drums (this is where the dense, rocky feeling comes from) and a single synth motif that whines across the stereo spectrum, like a fleeting sound whizzing past your ears. It's not quite anthemic, instead, it's kind of mournful, longing for a feeling or emotion that you can sort of remember but not quite place.