Need For Mirrors - Ultra Violin

  • Luscious drum & bass fit for the Sardinian sun.
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  • When I think about the music of Joe Moses, AKA Need For Mirrors, I don't think of the beach, but that's exactly where the music on this new EP comes from, inspired by his performance at Sardinian festival Sun & Bass in 2019. It's big, bright and uplifting, packed with fulsome synth sounds and catchy melodic motifs—drum & bass in which the melodies and textures are as important as the rhythm. The best example is "Black Coffee," whose '80s synth sounds make me think of Autonomic turned inside-out: uplifting and triumphant instead of wistful, if Vangelis put a drum & bass tune on the Chariots Of Fire soundtrack. The same goes for "Ultra Violin," which ditches the sci-fi synths for a head-turning violin riff, cinematic without turning maudlin. How many producers could work in a violin so well? If you just want the streamlined club tracks, Moses has you covered there too. "Refractory" is a minor chord monster, while the pseudo-orchestral hits and big, analogue textures of "I Dip" would stand out in any peak-time set. On the beach, at the club or in your bedroom, Ultra Violin is the kind of drum & bass that sets itself apart with sumptuous sound design, rolling momentum and most importantly, melodies to linger in your mind long after they play.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ultra Violin 02. I Dip 03. Black Coffee 04. Refractory