Love Horses - Usb Hub2

  • Cinematic Melbourne braindance.
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  • This latest track from Love Horses is taken from e-quarium's debut self-titled compilation, a collection of tracks meant to showcase experimental and IDM-leaning electronic music from the Melbourne area. Love Horses first appeared on a record from AD 93 sister label Lith Dolina, and he shines even brighter here, with a six-minute track that feels like a sound sculpture, adding layer by layer to its flowy, rippling underbelly of chimes and high-resonant synths. With quivering melodies, stirring strings and, later, a skittering beat that sounds a little like LP5-era Autechre, at its height "Usb Hub2" becomes a sound design showcase anchored by a mournful minor chord melody, the kind of track you'd play in its entirety to end a set, just to show off every exquisite detail.