DJ Nobu - Nepia

  • Laser-cut DJ gear.
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  • DJ Nobu's music stems from and facilitates his DJing—only an artist in this headspace would release an EP with the unmistakably utilitarian title, Extra Tools. The title track of his new EP for Psyk's Non Series, Nepia, is about as pure a DJ tool as you can get. Its rolling groove bobs up and down without any sudden movements or traditionally musical elements, making for the kind of pummeling beat that Nobu regularly weaponises in his head-spinning DJ sets. Elsewhere on Nepia, Nobu ventures further from his workstation. Though perfectly executed, "Blue Zone" is straight out of the bleepy, sci-fi techno handbook. The EP's highlight, "Bones," and closer "Comet" both sound like they've taken cues from Nobu's regular collaborator Wata Igarashi. Spiralling arpeggios surge from beneath, illuminating their muscular frameworks. Unlike "Nepia," these two journeying epics won't be needing extra EQ work from the Japanese DJ.
  • Tracklist
      01. Blue Zone 02. Nepia 03. Bones 04. Comet