DJ Minx - Purse First

  • DJ Minx marks Pride month with a funky, skeletal jam.
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  • Pride means different things to different people, and every year it can have a different context and feel. I'd wager this one is pretty big for DJ Minx, who came out publicly at the beginning of June. Now she's capping off the month with a new single, "Purse First," named after a quote from RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen. "I'm all about being classy, so thought the title was fitting," DJ Minx said. And "Purse First" is certainly classy, a barebones tech house teaser that metes out every bassline and hint of melody carefully, making you savour each note as it lands. It sounds made for backyard parties and sun-scorched patios, the kind of simple but effective track that makes you move even at your most overheated—something to be played not only this summer, but at many Prides to come.