CJ - Better Than She Can

  • A slip-and-slide through decades of UK dance music by way of Colombia.
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  • "Better Than She Can" is a highlight from Bogoture's jam-packed compilation ALL EYES 'N' COLOMBIA, a 22-track release raising money for various social causes in the country. It's a giddy journey through rave music, starting out like early '90s hardcore—when it was starting to turn to jungle—with deft breakbeat chopping and a nimble bassline that curls and jabs like an angry snake. An organ melody mischievously interrupts the flow several times, before CJ brings in a roiling dubstep LFO and then suddenly switches the track to a bucking trap rhythm, all while R&B vocals coo with the classic "junglist massive" sample. If this all sounds chaotic, it is—but it's a thrill ride worth taking.