Ivory - Free The Beast

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  • Rat comes up with something very very fresh here - Ivory are a new package concentrating on the live shows - fusing the beats of breaks, the rapping of hip hop and garage alongside the punk influence of electric guitars. In a way I suppose its like Keith Flint was doing with his Clever Brains Frying group, except these guys are good! The 2 main vocalists are fantastic, throwing lyrics back and forth and keeping the flow really really nice. This is all backed up with some phat beats and wicked guitar riffs. Already heavily played by Eddie TM and fully supported with live shows at his Remix night, Ivory have a potential to cross-over in a big way. On the other side, we have a big big big BIG tune - the Breakfastaz Remix! Using the same elements as the original but this time fluffed up with that unstoppable 'fastaz style. Big bass, heavy live drums, filtered vocals - you know how they do - this is dancefloor damage at its hardest! Two versions are available, but the Instrumental just takes the prize, as the vocal detracts from the tearout!