Greentea Peng - Free My People feat. Simmy & Kid Cruise

  • Dreamy neo-soul with a strong message.
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  • Greentea Peng's mission is to shift public consciousness towards freedom and enlightenment. On "Free My People," she does it via dreamy neo-soul. The title doubles as a mantra, a demand that becomes more conceivable with each repetition. Coiling arpeggios—and her stoic drawl—have a hypnotic effect, as if Peng is resisting the spell that has been cast on her people and then casting one back on her oppressors. Elsewhere, guest Simmy comes through with lines like: "Government indulgin' in some incest / Ignorin' all my people in our protests." The caustic themes and sticky groove make this the sort of earworm we need more of.