Meat Katie & Elite Force - Nu Tron / All Night Long

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  • Brand new label Adrift Records delivers the goods with their first release, a journey of a track from two of the breaks scenes most wanted, Meat Katie & Elite Force. And what a track Nu-tron is - a 3am-drug-induced-workout-lose-yourself-in-a-corner-dancing-like-a-mad-man-workout - tough techy breaks with building haunting synths gets things building, chuck in some great vocal snippets, and add a nice breakdown that culminates in a tough aural assault. What a track! Flip it over for All Night Long, which starts softly-softly with long drawn out synths and off-beat bass, lulling the listener in to a melodic state of mind... which soon changes when the beats finally come banging in! Things are again taken to another level after the drop, the beats are toughened and the stuttering screaming vocal sample just makes the crowd go crazy. A great debut for this label, and another cracking release from Mr Katie and da Force...
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