Junya Tokuda - Parallax View

  • Ambient techno that's ambient in a way you might not expect.
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  • An "anemic cinema" might not make literal sense, but a renowned avant-garde film bears this title, by French-American artist Marcel Duchamp, focused on images of rotating swirls and discs. Junya Tokuda's latest project takes its name from the film, and its highlight track, "Parallax View" stands out on Anemic Cinema. It's an auditory depiction of a parallax—the perception of an object's position changing depending on where it's viewed from. The continuous thumps create the perception of "Parallax View" as a dynamic dance track, whereas the faint wails positioned beside structureless warps present a more formless side. This difference perfectly shows Tokuda's style, immersive pieces that make for both passive and active listening.