Junes - Shifting Sands

  • Afterhours gear inspired by melodic '90s techno.
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  • Junes has released nearly all of his material on his imprint Galdoors and its sub-label Dotes, which makes this new release on Kalahari Oyster Cult intriguing. Shifting Sands isn't a radical departure—this is still heads-down techno—but there's something about the title track that feels reverential of the kind of atmospheric, wiggly house most closely associated with the Dutch label. There's a hint of Susumu Yokota to the bright sonar pings, hints of acidic squelch and the way everything is touched with just a little reverb. There's something old-school about it, as if that whistling melody were controlled by a pitch-wheel and not an Ableton grid, a slight looseness that makes its loopy psychedelia all the more appealing.