DJ Pipe - The 'Clubber's Paradise' EP

  • DJ Pipe kicks off The Ghost's label with four zany party tracks.
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  • James Creed and Josh Tweek are tastemakers in the best senses of the word. The two have known each other since they were ten, went to university in Leeds (where Tweek threw parties as part of the legendary Louche crew) and eventually relocated to Berlin. Once there, they bought a van to use as a mobile record shop and began DJing collaboratively under the name The Ghost in the mid-'10s. Fast forward half a decade and The Ghost have solidified their place at the forefront of lean, loopy house by creating a universe all their own: an impeccably curated shop, mix series, club night (featuring some excellent flyers) and now a new label. Ghost Recs launches with a much-anticipated EP from DJ Pipe who offers his own take on the retro, party-ready funk The Ghost have built their name on. DJ Pipe, a regular at The Ghost nights and part of their inner circle, is a fitting choice for Ghost Rec's debut. This is his first full release, and he spreads his wings with a variety of dance floor sounds, from the early morning melter of "Maximum Taste" to the top-shelf tech house of "Pressure Station." Across four tracks, DJ Pipe brings together an impressive amount of ideas. As soon as you hear the kick drums on "Pressure Station" bouncing like pogo sticks, it's clear the song isn't going to sit still for long. A new melody, a hand drum, some synth squiggles and just a splash of organ chords—it should keep the attention of even the most overstimulated raver. While these tracks are dense, they never feel overcrowded. My favorite, "Lifestyle Guru," moves through a number of ideas quickly, but stays grounded in the skippy drums, soft arpeggio and warm chords that give way to a synthline that has the oomph of an '80s guitar anthem. There are some darker passages on the EP. "Active Society" is one for the afters—the dueling bongo lines weaving in and out give it a drunken stagger while the staccato bassline feels anxious, maybe even nasty. The bass and chord stabs on "Maximum Taste" are also wicked, though the upbeat swing of the drums make it feel like finding a familiar face on a dark walk home. It's that bit of warmth that makes this an exceptional 12-inch. DJ Pipe's productions are filled with so much personality that you keep uncovering new quirks with each listen.
  • Tracklist
      01. Pressure Station 02. Active Society 03. Maximum Taste 04. Lifestyle Guru