Closet Yi - Pikes Pique (Hill Climbing)

  • Propulsive acid for late-night joy rides through fluorescent city lights.
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  • Like all stimulants, club music invokes the need for speed. The first single off Closet Yi's new EP is an exhilarating ride through thundering basslines, though that's not immediately apparent. It starts on a spacey note, as cinematic effects set the tone for an organic record. But once the Roland TB-303's unmistakable squelches kick in, the South Korean producer shifts gears and we're thrust into high-impact techno. It's fast and furious, but Closet Yi knows when to ease up on the gas pedal, slowing down for regular intervals of zen to enable a smooth ride.
  • Tracklist
      01. Pikes Pique (Hill Climbing)