Tomu DJ - Hear Voices

  • Published
    11 May 2021
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  • Released
    May 2021
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  • A highlight of the latest EP from an artist on an unstoppable streak.
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  • Tomu DJ's steady stream of self-releases in the past six months have made for some of my favourite listening of 2021. When she appeared on Ciel's Rinse FM show last month with an hour-long mix of all originals it only underlined her prolific talent. Tomu's latest EP, released on the final Bandcamp Friday, features several collaborations, though it's the solo track "Hear Voices" that catches my ear. It's relaxed, even meek, but that's the charm: the keyboard melody is quiet but poignant, and the rest of the elements pivot around a barely-there rhythm, like a club track made to wind down the night. The best thing about getting to know Tomu DJ in the pandemic has been hearing her wide variety of dance music styles in non-club settings, where its multi-dimensionality becomes clear. But now it's time to hear her tracks on the floor, and with any luck the rest of 2021 should be very good to her.