LSDXOXO - Dedicated 2 Disrespect

  • Four bumping and often horny club cuts from techno's unstoppable force.
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  • Raushaan Glasgow is the self-proclaimed cure for the virus. The cover artwork for Dedicated 2 Disrespect, his debut EP for XL Recordings, features Glasgow floating inside a syringe. He later tweeted, "I am the boom boom vaccine." In fact, LSDXOXO's recent glow up makes it seem like there was no pandemic at all—the Berlin artist and musical memelord scored two bona fide club hits in a time without clubs. First, "Sick Bitch" began racking up track ID requests as the standout tune in VTSS's viral HÖR set last October. "Sick Bitch" feels like an instant classic, a Dance Mania indebted heater with a contemporary techno touch and one of Glasgow's now-signature, hilariously catchy vocal hooks. As Andrew Ryce put it last month: "It's easy to imagine "Sick Bitch" eliciting cheers from excited dance floors no matter how many times they've heard it." "Sick Bitch" isn't even the big track on the record. Enter "The Devil." It's an infectious earworm with an even more audacious lyrical hook: "Make a deal with the devil / sell my soul and my body / but I look fucking good / whipping in my Maserati." With bumping throwback energy and a pneumatic bassline, it's an all-around anthem, sure to whip any club scenario into a state of full-on abandon. The two other tunes on here, "Baby" and "Mutant Exotic," have the personality to stand on their own. The former is a quick tool with a thumping bassline and an orgasmic moan that's cut up into a stuttering rhythm, the kind of thing you could loop in and out of a DJ set over and over. "Mutant Exotic," meanwhile, is a more restrained, melodic party starter. With house-inspired horns and ravey whoops, Glasgow skips the gags around this time but still hooks you in, showing versatility while remaining laser-focused on massive club tracks. This is what makes LSDXOXO the kind of artist you should be falling over yourself to go see DJ in a club once you can—if he's not a literal cure for the virus, he's a cure for the lockdown blues, at least.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Devil 02. Baby 03. Sick Bitch 04. Mutant Exotic