Stolen Velour - Bacardi

  • Stolen Velour channels red Power Ranger energy on a track that zooms from 130 to 175 BPM.
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  • Failed Units have made it easier for DJs to switch the tempo mid-set with a new compilation of four songs that change BPM midway, Mighty Morphin’ Power Bangers. The tracks are each assigned their own different colour artwork corresponding to a different character, and Stolen Velour's "Bacardi" takes the role of the red Power Ranger. Like the leadership role of the red ranger, "Bacardi" stands out as the EP's most exhilarating track, through its pitched Lil' Kim vocals, sharp drums and alternately high and low-toned squeaks. "Bacardi" is the right track to set off a party, transforming from a hypnotic 130 BPM start to a 175 club hitter and fusing experimental dancehall with hints of drum & bass.