Vegyn - Like A Good Old Friend

  • Vegyn opens up his sound for an EP of spacious, leftfield electronic pop.
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  • On his 2019 breakthrough Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds, Vegyn was constantly stitching in novel details and samples into his songs like he was making a patchwork quilt. It was easy for the ear to latch onto something new with each listen. This practice of embedding sonic detail within the smallest fragments was further developed with the locked grooves compilation that came out on his PLZ Make It Ruins label late last year. His newest EP, Like A Good Old Friend, incorporates more light and space into his compositions. As a result, they're more open and welcoming, though unexpected sounds and detours are never far off. The heavily collaborative Like A Good Old Friend brings in plenty of outside voices to render Vegyn's world fully three-dimensional. Vegyn reunites with rapper Jeshi on the lead single, "I See You Sometimes," a woozy but energetic track with barely-contained excitement. The processing on Jeshi's vocals gives off a sentient cyborg vibe, mirroring Vegyn's ability to breathe vitality and emotion into cold electronics. On "So Much Time - So Little Time," John Glacier lends her meandering vocals to a gently psychedelic instrumental, where buzzing guitar and subtly ominous harmonics thrum with an undercurrent of infectious, anxious energy. It compels as much as it repels. The rest of the tracks on Like A Good Old Friend are luscious dreamscapes, simultaneously trippy and lulling. The saccharine synths and 8-bit beat of "B4 The Computer Crash" eventually slow down, giving way to a jumble of automated vocals and bird sounds. Equally, the strings on "Mushroom Abolitionist," from Canadian composer Owen Pallett, add an element of whimsical fantasy to the synth arpeggios, softening the electronic meltdown that came before. In this way, Like A Good Old Friend is subtly experimental, melding accessible melodies with moments of weirdness that open the door to another world. Familiar, but not too comfortable, Vegyn strikes just the right balance between ease and edge.
  • Tracklist
      01. I See You Sometimes feat. Jeshi 02. Like A Good Old Friend 03. So Much Time - So Little Time feat. John Glacier 04. B4 The Computer Crash 05. Mushroom Abolitionist 06. Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Ruining Songs