Deft & Lewis James - Peepo

  • An unhinged banger.
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  • I don't know if Deft and Lewis James are fans of the late Glaswegian icon SOPHIE, but I hear her commitment to outlandish, hand-sculpted sound design plastered all over "Peepo," the wackiest of four tracks on their debut EP together. The sheer assortment of noises—clangs, wallops, pings, howls, the toot of an elephant's trunk—should make the whole thing a mess, and yet this rowdy banger sashays with a kind of unhinged swagger, like a drunken rockstar owning the stage. The halftime rhythm, supercharged with hefty 808s, makes space for all the commotion. In less nimble hands, this audacious experiment may have ended up a gloopy soup. Instead, we have a zingy and powerful broth.