K Wata - What Do U Want?

  • Psychedelic, dubstep-adjacent experiments from New York's SLINK crew.
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  • Some of my favourite club music is the stuff that sounds like it's rearranging the atmosphere around you—think early James Blake or Mount Kimbie, music that deals with heavy sub-bass and spatial tricks. The debut EP from New York's K Wata, and the two mixes of this title track, scratch this itch in a very sensitive way. I'm partial to the "Soft Mix," where manipulated murmurs ring out amidst a fidgety drum track that, paired with the tumbling bassline, has a queasy, dubstep lurch. The "Hard Mix" is more percussive, but in a way it's even more dissolute than its predecessor, all cascading drums, stuttering voices and tension for a drop that never really lands.