Kamron Saniee - Euphoric Studies

  • Startling avant-garde club experiments.
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  • New York artist Kamron Saniee has referred to his electronic music as "abstract expressionist techno," and his musical background mirrors that of artists like de Kooning, who used their classical painting and drawing training as a jumping-off point towards less representational work. Saniee is a classical violinist and composer who has even recently staged recitals of Western and Persian classical music. Somewhere along the line, he realized electronic music could connect with a larger audience and became interested in live PAs and spatial synthesis. All of these influences come together on Saniee's stunning new EP, Euphoric Studies. With a background like that, you might expect Saniee's work to come off airless or academic, but the title of this 12-inch is literal. This is whip-smart experimental music that knows the kind of euphoria that comes with a well-tuned club soundsystem. "Rhythm Force" resembles a jack track compositionally, yet here the snare is made from white-noise and the bass drum is so speedy and insistent that it could almost be a sub-rattling drone. "Amnion," meanwhile, sounds like Rrose trying his hand at a footwork track, a stunning slab of Mills College-informed techno. On "Euphoton," deep techno percussion collides with a synthetic string section that swells in a tough-to-place key, sounding less like a loop than the inhale and exhale of a poised orchestra. The sound design throughout Euphoric Studies is heady but immersive, placing Saniee in a rarified class of producers—like Minor Science or Rian Treanor—who employ oblique compositional and production techniques in service of futuristic club tracks that appeal equally to the head and the body.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Eutessaron A2 Rhythhm Force A3 Amnion B1 Badinage B2 Euphoton B3 Cha