Happa - Digital Recall

  • Mean and deadly darkside techstep.
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  • Happa calls his new EP "a seance" with the origins of drum & bass and jungle, but on the first track "Digital Recall" he chooses an era in the middle of that history: the fertile period in the mid-late '90s where drum & bass sounds started to curdle into darkside, before they would harden into techstep. This is heavy, sometimes brutal drum & bass with gurgling basslines, dread-inducing chords and some wonderful percussive choppage. But where this stuff can feel lumpen and heavy, Happa makes it flighty and unpredictable—there are some stuttering kick slams near the end of the track that would make for a memorable dance floor moment. The other two tracks on the EP are more out-there, while "Digital Recall" is a punch to to the solar plexus. In a good way.