Kino-Moderno - Into The Future

  • Early '90s Japanese house music brought back to life by Junki Inoue.
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  • Kino-Moderno were a short-lived Japanese acid house group from the early '90s who put out a couple of releases that fused spacious rhythms with skittering bleeps and patient melodies. It's a fitting choice for the first release on Junki Inoue's new label focused on rare Japanese music. The EP has some heavy artillery, from paranoid acid ("Into The Future") to jazzy breakbeat ("Eclipse"), but my favourite is "Globe," which recalls Music From Memory's recent retrospective documenting a time when the lines between dance music and chill-out started to blur. It's an almost-ambient track that moves closer and closer to a rhythm, like peeking back into the dance floor en route to the taxi queue.