Tammy Lakkis - Notice

  • Compelling and eccentric house music inspired by Detroit's dance floors.
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  • A few years back, as she started to play live sets around Detroit, heads could not help but notice Tammy Lakkis. Her hardware sets are fresh, inspiring and fun in a non-pretentious way, and the confidence and fluidity of her playing soon had locals calling her "Tammy Basslines." On her debut EP, Notice, the bass is indeed a star player, but her mesmerizing vocals and array of production techniques underline her dedication to her craft, making the project shine. "Hello" is a tongue-in-cheek, syncopated electro workout, a prime example of the blend of playfulness and meticulous production that Tammy is becoming known for. The title track is a four-on-the-floor love song just screaming to be played outside at a summertime party. a perfectly programmed DJ tool, Lakkis's lyrical stylings give the track an almost R&B appeal, with all the makings of a potential crossover hit. Personal favorite "Shark Island" was built for the underground, those late-night parties that happen outside of traditional nightclubs and bars. Another gratifying aural moment is the nod to her Lebanese heritage via the Arabic pop sample on "Wen Rayeh." As the Detroit metro area is home to some of the largest Arabic populations in the US, it's refreshing to hear the fusion of the cultures. Notice is a strong debut that should keep any Lakkis newcomers wanting more from the new champ of Hamtramck.
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      01. Hello?? 02. Wen Rayeh 03. Shark Island 04. Notice