J:Kenzo - Ruffhouse VIP

  • Two long-awaited reboots of a '10s dubstep staple.
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  • In 2011, J:Kenzo debuted on pioneering dubstep label Tempa with a soon-to-be underground classic, "The Roteks." As anticipation grew for a follow up single, he collaborated with MC Rod Azlan on "Ruffhouse." It delivered on the high expectations, and then some. Soon, both "The Roteks" and "Ruffhouse" were given the VIP treatment—two hallowed edits from J:Kenzo himself that remained rare dubplates until this year. On this new white label 12-inch, J:Kenzo revisits "Ruffhouse," unleashing the decade-old VIP and a 2015 version on the flip. "Ruffhouse VIP 1" doubles up on the percussion and supercharges the original's already deadly bassline into a heavier, stepping beast. This is exactly the kind of dark, minimal weight that made it a Youngsta favourite. Hypeman Rod Azlan's contribution is minimal but crucial, filling the breakdown with an instantly recognisable vocal tag. Just when you think the bassline couldn't get more fierce, the second VIP delivers a masterclass in stripped-back wobble. The mid-range tears through space, built with dubstep's legendary sound systems in mind. In true VIP style, both the updates are sparing but effective, essential for the heads that were there.
  • Tracklist
      A Ruffhouse VIP 1 B Ruffhouse VIP 2