Endless Mow - spellcasters

  • A vocal cut-up that just won't quit.
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  • Something about "spellcasters" reminds me of a lot of music that came out almost exactly ten years ago—a time when producers like Pearson Sound were making extraordinary hooks out of microscopically rearranged syllables. The intense repetition of the hook here, which sounds a bit like "casters," is infectious from the get-go. Then it drops into a gratuitously wubby section with jabby percussion coming from all angles, like an early SWAMP 81 radio rip mp3 airdropped into 2021. Full of twisty left turns, dubwise tricks, a sly string melody and itchy-feet percussion—not to mention that vocal—"spellcasters" is an enchanting jumble of ideas that begs repeat plays, and, soon, a cheeky drop in the middle of a set that would turn any dance floor into gleeful chaos.