Nicola Cruz - Hybridism Remixes

  • Dreamy interpretations from John Talabot, Azu Tiwaline and more.
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  • Nicola Cruz's Hybridism, a 12-inch from 2020, is a study in warm grooves. Deep and hypnotic, tracks draw on various influences that range from Iranian classical music to the Tibetan Book Of The Dead. Despite their diverse tonal ranges, these styles are harmonious in the hands of the Ecuadorian producer, who has long displayed a remarkable ability to explore cultural customs without simplification or exoticism. Respectful of this holistic approach, the artists on Hybridism Remixes are careful to avoid upending the original tracks. Instead, they stretch out Cruz's arrangements using atmospheric techno, dub and tribal house. Featuring John Talabot, Auntie Flo, Azu Tiwaline and the Multi Culti team (who are releasing the EP), this cast of collaborators share an affinity for penetrative and multihued club cuts that make them an ideal fit for Cruz's polyphonic flavours. "Aima" has a perky vibe that stems from uplifting Nigerian chants, but on Auntie Flo's version, the UK producer switches out the jaunty attitude for meditative drum patterns that contort around the vocals like ritualistic dancers. "Naeku" is described by Cruz as a sorrowful record yet one rife with "warrior energy," a quality that translates well on John Talabot's minimalist rendition. Despite its sparse elements, the track carries a sense of power thanks to blasts of droning acid and swimmy synths. On "Third Eye Dub," Tunisia's Azu Tiwaline creates a dark, brooding soundscape with notes of psychedelia that miight be eerie if she hadn't kept Nasiri's gorgeous oud solo, which counters Tiwaline's austere tone. Tripped-out yet spaciously composed, these are thoughtful remixes that speak to each artist's love for global rhythms. Their careful balance with organic and electronic textures not only feels mellifluous, it shows their efforts to understand the context behind each musical tradition.
  • Tracklist
      01. Naeku (John Talabot Remix) 02. Aima (Auntie Flo Remix) 03. Third Eye Dub (Azu Tiwaline Remix) 04. Naeku (Multi Culti Micro Dub) 05. Naeku (Uji Remix)