Ellen Allien - I Can't See You (Matrixxman Remix)

  • Two big techno personalities come together on a colossal remix that highlights both artists' strengths.
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  • The original "I Can't See You," from Ellen Allien's latest album, had an almost dream-pop bent, with eerie vocals and room for them to breathe. Not so on Matrixxman's remix, who delivers a huge, nearly suffocating remix as part of the LP's first remix 12-inch. For fans of Matrixxman's borderline belligerent style, there's plenty to love here, especially the bleepy one-note lead or the way the vocals are crushed as if in a vice grip. It sounds like raving in a space station in full emergency alarm mode. But there's also plenty in the way of atmosphere, especially in how white noise washes graze the track every so often like a gust of wind.