Will Lister - Gridlines / Shadow Stem

  • An affecting introduction to the London producer's new label.
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  • London's Will Lister is kicking off his new label Heald with a trilogy of EPs. The first one, out today, opens with "Gridlines," which could be described as intense—but in a post-Covid climate kind of way. By that I mean, while it may be rooted firmly in the sticky floors of the club, Lister refrains from leaning too far into solely club-focused territory. It's more sensitive to the times and where the track likely to be listened to. On the flipside, "Shadow Stem," Lister shows off his knack for affecting synth pads and delivers a masterclass in the beauty of contrasts. "Shadow Stem" bends from light and spacey to urgent and unpredictable, then back again, with yogi-like grace.
  • Tracklist
      01. Gridlines 02. Shadow Stem